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bild: JL Freehand Pipes

Let me tell you something about me, my handmade pipes out of briar wood and have a look at my workshop.

You can get a unique handmade pipe for yourself or as classy and individually present at the shop.

Do you have a very specific vision of how your pipe should look like? It is my pleasure to follow your specifications to create your individually designed pipe.

Find updated information and special offers at news.

Bowl and mouthpiece

  • accuracy of fit (stem/mouthpiece)
  • shaping of bit
  • precise drilling
  • flow characteristics
  • characteristic of airway
  • and homogenous shaping

are key aspects of manufacturing and extraordinary pleasure of smoking.


Bowl out of briar and mouthpiece are handcrafted out of acrylic, cumberland or vulcanite and contribute to the individual and unique character of each pipe essentially.


The natural graining of the bowl out of briar wood gets emphasised by several staining proceedings and gets its final touch by polishing with carnauba wax.

bild; JL freehand pipes
bild;  JL leitgeb handmade pipes
bild; JL freehand pipes
bild; JL freehand pipes

Small spots or inclusions within the natural product wood cannot be excluded. As long as they are negligible for smoking features they are considered as unique character and further specifics of the pipe. Moreover i spare the use of cement or varnish. You will find a corresponding note by relevant pipes.

The price of a pipe refers to

  1. quality of briar wood
  2. material of the mouthpiece
  3. material of applications
  4. and the amount of work

I hope you have fun exploring the pipeshop and touring my website!



  Johannes Leitgeb