About me

Resident and born in 1976 in Vienna I used to work as heating engineer. During the last years I worked as project manager for heating and plumbing systems. All in all I performed in this business for 25 years. In spite of my choice of profession working with wood has always been fascinating and accompanying me.

"The fight against the consequences of smoking tobacco only led to global waiver of peace pipes so far"


Among other workpieces I designed and crafted my first pipe already when I was a teen. In the last couple of years my interest in pipes rose again and the "pipevirus" renewed its possession.

Bit by bit I learned the tricks of the trade autodidactically and with dedication. Especially in this challenging period of learning I appreciated the advice of other pipemakers a lot.

With the progress of acquiring skills I began to set high standards to myself. The idea of carry on the craft of a pipemaker commercially fell into place until I took the exam and got the business registration in 2014.

I hope you like what you see!

I 'm looking forward to seeing you again!



  Johannes Leitgeb